Rynn House, Rosenallis, Queen's County

Rynn House
                with sheep

The house was built in 1855 "to replace an earlier house which had been burnt".#Note 1  

Extract from
                Laois: History and Society
The house is located at Latitude  53° 8'39.66"N, Longitude   7°23'37.74"W. 

Bing map
Rynn map 1887 to 1913
Map from 1887 to 1913.  Source Ordnance Survey of Ireland.

Map 1834 to 1842
Older maps (1834 to 1842) suggest that the earlier house was to the west, at Nut Grove. 

Plan of part of the
                Croasdaile Estate (spelled "Wrin" in this
Plan of part of the Rynn estate from 1764.  Note spelling of "Wrin"
Plan overlaid on map
The 1764 plan is overlaid on the 1834 to 1842 map.
Satellite photo
                showing locations

Modern photographs.
These photos were taken in July 2007 by Peter Moss during a trip to Rynn.
Looking towards Rynn from corner of walled garden to the west
Rynn back wall
View from the south of the west corner
Rendering of west corner
stable wall inside
Back of house from stables
House and stables
stable hook
Hook in wall of stables
stables panorama
Panoramic view of the house and the stables
Oven (?) found in the ruins
Ridge tile
Ridge tile made by C Davison of Hawarden of Flintshire found in ruins

There is a family story that the owner of Rynn had his servants move the dining table out onto the lawn, set fire to the house, and the guests all dined as they watched the house burn down.  Apparently it was a method of getting rid of a guest who had overstayed her welcome.  But the owner had actually planned to demolish and rebuild the house anyway before the guest came and her unexpected visit interrupted his plans, and since she over-stayed her welcome which held up his plans to rebuild, he decided he woud kill two birds with one stone.   It is believed that this took place around 1800.

  Note 1.  "Laois: History & Society" Padraig G. Lane, William Nolan , ISBN 0 906602 46 7, page 580

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