Jack Croasdaile in World War 1

Jack was 20 at the outbreak of the war.  Records show him serving on three "Insect class" River gunboats on the Yangtze River.  Logs record the ships travelled hundreds of miles up the River. 

On 26th July 1917 he joined HMS Whiting. http://www.naval-history.net/OWShips-WW1-10-HMS_Whiting.htm

Place: Hong Kong

Lat 22.3, Long 114.2

Person: Boarded: J.L. Croasdaile Sub Lt. RNR (from Tamar?)

Sub Lt
                Croasdaile joins Whiting
http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-68570/ADM 53-68570-016_0.jpg
 On 17th August 1917 he joined  HMS Tamar.  http://www.naval-history.net/OWShips-WW1-80-HMS_Tamar.htm

Place: Hong Kong

Longitude: 114.2

Other: 6.15 USS Pangpanga + Helena sailed W.

Other: 8.40 C 36 Submarine proceeded W.

Other: 11.40 C 36 Returned to Camber.

Other: 11.30 Chinese Gunboat Kwan Kun Arrived East.

Other: 5-0 Lieut Croasdale + 1QB From P+O Narrod joined Ship

Lt Croasdaile joins Tamar
On 9th November 1918 he rejoined HMS Scarab "from hospital" http://www.naval-history.net/OWShips-WW1-11-HMS_Scarab.htm


At Hankow

Lat 30.57, Long 114.3

6.00am: Hands employed cleaning ship.

8.45am: Hands employed cleaning ship.

10.30am: Lt. Croasdaile rejoined ship from Hospital.

Noon: Dinner.

12.30pm: 1 Stoker Rating joined ship from Hospital for passage to Shanghai.

pm: Leave to Starb Watch from 1.30 until 7am.

1.30pm: Landed liberty men.

4.00pm: Evening Quarters.

6.30pm: Landed liberty men.

7.30pm: Landed liberty men.

9.00pm: Rounds Correct.

10.00pm: Pipe down.    
Lt Croasdaile
                rejoined ship from hospital
http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59378/ADM 53-59378-013_0.jpg

The Scrarab patrolled extensively up the river, as this map showing its positions shows.

Map showing HMS Scarab positions in 1918

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